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Competition Obedience Training




Our Precious Golden Retrievers

Three Generations of Sunsplash Goldens (all Obedience Champions)




                                 From L-R:  Blitz, Striker (litter mates), Zest, Pounce (litter mates), & Freebie                                                            Freebie, Zest, Blitz
                                            (Blitz & Striker are Zest pups from her breeding to Rusty.  Zest & Pounce are
                                            pups from Freebie's breeding to Timer.


No longer with us:
OTCH Sunfire's Gift Of Freedom, UDX5, RN, JH, WC, OBHF, OD (perfect 200 scores)
OTCH Ida Red Razzlin' Sunsplash, UDX, TDX, OA, OAJ, JH, WCX, OBHF (perfect 200 scores)
OTCH Sunfire's What A Hoot, UDX2, NA, NAJ, JH, WC
U-CDX Magic's Amber Sunset, UDTX, JH, WC, FDCH
U-CDX Sunfire's Rajun Skaditch, UDTX, JH, WC, FDCH
U-CDX Sunfire's Super Collider, UDT, JH, WC, FDX
U-CDX Sunfire's Waverunner Splash, UDX, TDX
Sunfire's Spring Fling, CDX, RN
Great Pyrenees:
Niege, CD & Rambo, CD



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